What colours can I have?

There is a huge range available and we have many pre-made samples or can mix a colour sample to your specification so you can be sure its right before you commit.

Does concrete stain?

Sealed concrete will not stain but it can discolour over time.

Polished concrete can stain if spills are left unwiped, but with the correct care this should not be an issue for you.

What is the difference between sealed and polished concrete?

After concrete is ground to the desired level of visible aggregate, ranging from salt and pepper to to full stones being seen, it can be sealed with an acrylic sealer or can be polished to bring out the stones natural shine.

Which is better? Sealed or polished?

Sealed concrete is cheaper to produce and can be suitable for domestic use but is more easily scratched and the seal will yellow over time.

Polished concrete is a superior surface with greater durability that with minimal maintenance can last a lifetime.

When is the best time to get my concrete floor done?

An existing concrete floor can be polished anytime.

A new floor requires that we work in with your builder, ideally 2 weeks after the slab is poured for the initial grind and then we will finish the floor after the gib stopper and before the painter.

Anytime can be fine if it works in with the other trades.

What are the limitations of concrete?

There really are none because it is poured and will follow any shape of mold.

How heavy are the benchtops?

Typically 2000kg/m2.

To work it out for yourself times piece by width, length and thickness x 2000